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What Is cPanel Web Hosting?

If you own or operate a website, you may or may not have heard the term “web hosting”. Either way, web hosting is an essential service to operating your website. So what is web hosting?


Although there are various different types of web hosting services (environments). We are going to focus on web hosting in the general term. To keep it simple, web hosting consists of a folder (usually on a larger server/network) that you upload your website files into. From this folder, the rest of the world will then be able to view your website from your website address (ex:

Shared web hosting is a web hosting service for smaller websites (usually the most cost effective type of web hosting). Shared web hosting means your website will be sharing a server with hundreds of other websites (similar to renting an apartment in an apartment complex). Shared Resources + Shared Cost’s = lower costs for the client. Although not all websites are suitable for shared web hosting, the majority of starter (or small websites) are.

cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel is software that FernGullyGraphics installs onto it’s servers (allowing FGG clients to easily manage their web hosting environments). Without cPanel, most beginner/novice users would find it incredibly difficult to manage their web hosting environment. Although there are many different types of interfaces like cPanel, cPanel  is considered to be the industry standard and FGG considers cPanel to be the best for its web hosting client base.


Now that you know what cPanel web hosting is, do you need web hosting?

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cPanel Web Hosting

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