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Why Should I Switch to FernGullyGraphics Web Hosting?

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“With Speed, security and redundancy in mind, FGG servers are strategically located in Dallas, TX, connected to a network that is built for enterprise, yet priced for the small business.”


Whether you are happy with your current web host or not, here are a few reasons why you should switch to FernGullyGraphics Web Hosting. 


  • 1. We care about your website as a whole. Most web hosting service providers will solely focus on the server your web files are being served from, and that is it. With FernGullyGraphics, we do not stop at just the server your website is hosted on. We also care about all other aspects related to your website (from design, to security). Anything related to your website, FernGullyGraphics will be happy to assist. 


  • 2. We understand that without a stable and fast web hosting platform, you will not be able to effectively market or even operate your business. This means we work very hard to insure our network IP’s remain clean, our server hardware remain up-to date and that your content is served in the fastest most efficient manner possible. Your business can rest easy knowing FernGullyGraphics will always do its best to insure we are not just meeting, but exceeding industry standards. 


  • 3. FernGullyGraphics will save you money, without sacrificing quality. Whether you have heard of FernGullyGraphics or not. Our hardware and network are either in the same or higher category (in terms of quality) as any other brand name you can find. In addition to meeting, exceeding hardware and network requirements, FernGullyGraphics provides superior customer service by focusing on every aspect related to your website (not just the server). In other-words, with FernGullyGraphics, you receive a Better service, at lower rate, the best of both worlds. 


Where are our servers located? Formally the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, our servers are located in the most secure data center in the central United States. Our data center is located in the heart of downtown Dallas, TX. It is in a Tier 3+ facility on the same protected power grid as Dallas 911 and the local hospitals. This means our DC is exempt from rolling blackouts that historically have been an occurrence due to the Texas summer heat. Power is sent to the data center from four different substations, requiring all four substations to go offline before power to the building is interrupted. Additionally, the data center is serviced by water feeds from the north and south of the building. If you want your website hosted with Speed, security and redundancy in mind (built for enterprise), yet priced for the small business. Then FernGullyGraphics is the company for you. 


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