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I want to start a website

FernGullyGraphics can assist with any type of project (regardless of size). Now that you have decided you want to start a website, you will need to decide which avenue you would like to take:


A.) Building the website yourself (no experience required).

B.) Hiring a professional like FernGullyGraphics to build the website for you.



Before we get into the two different options, keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer here. However one option might be less suited for the other and vice versa. Here are the pros and cons for each option.


The Pros to building the website yourself (with little to no experience). 

  1. – You will save on upfront costs
  2. – You will learn something new
  3. – You will be able to move at your own pace

The Cons to building the website yourself

  1. – You will need to invest a significant amount of time into building your website.
  2. – It will likely take you much longer to get your website deployed.
  3. – The end result might not be ideal (due to lack of experience)


The Pros to Hiring a Professional like FernGullyGraphics to build your website. 

  1. – Although you will still need to dedicate time to the development of your new website. You will not be spending nearly as much time on your new website as you would if you were building the website yourself.
  2. – Your website will be up and running much faster than it would if you were to build the website yourself.
  3. – The end result will meet your objectives.
  4. Hiring the right professional to build your website also means enlisting a company that can provide invaluable advice to your business regarding not just the build of your website, but also how to market and convert your visitors into sales or leads.

The Cons to hiring a Professional to build your website. 

  1. Initial cash investment will be significantly higher than if building the website on your own.


Now that we have gone over all of the pros and cons, which option do you think is best for you? Ultimately you will need to decide for your-self. However ultimately which option you decide to go with will depends on your objectives. Either way, FernGullyGraphics can help. If you have decided you would like to proceed with building the website on your own. Go here to read a quick guide on getting started. 


If you have decided you would like to hire a professional to build your next website. Please take the time to answer all of the following questions. We realize this is a bit of information, however we like to be thorough and you will only need to provide this information once.


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