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Earn Money with FernGullyGraphics via our Affiliate Program

The FernGullyGraphics affiliate program is a simple way for you to earn money by referring clients to FernGullyGraphics. Receive a $25.00 bonus just for signing up!


How does the FernGullyGraphics Affiliate program work?


affiliate programThe affiliate program is simple, (upon signing up for the FernGullyGraphics affiliate program) you will receive access to a set of banners and direct links within your client area (unique to your account). With these links and banners, you can send to any of your friends, family or colleagues who might be in need of our services. You can also place your affiliate banners/links on your blogs and websites to promote to your visitors. Either way, once someone makes a purchase via one of your unique affiliate links or banners, you will receive a credit for that referral after 60 days from the date of purchase. Once you have achieved a minimum balance of $100.00 worth of referral fees (see commission structure below), you will be eligible for a pay-out totalling your affiliate commissions via your choice of paypal, account credit or check (its that simple).


How do you sign-up for the FernGullyGraphics Affiliate Program? 

1.) If you do not already have an account with FernGullyGraphics, register a free account by clicking here.

2.) Once logged in, navigate to the “Affiliates” link  and click on the “Activate Affiliate Account” link.

3.) Once your Affiliate account is activated, you can grab our banners or your unique Affiliate URL to post to your website, blogs or send to your friends, family and colleagues.


What services are eligible for the referral program? Here is the current list of services and commissions you can earn commissions from:

*Web Hosting: Earn 50% of the first payment paid to FernGullyGraphics
*Web Design: Earn 10% of the project total (paid upon project completion) to FernGullyGraphics
*Logo Design: Earn 10% of the project total (paid upon project completion) to FernGullyGraphics
*All Print Products: Earn 10% of the first payment paid to FernGullyGraphics

Like always, we appreciate any referrals you send our way, however now you can get paid for doing so.



*By signing up for the FernGullyGraphics affiliate program, you will receive a free $25 credit towards your initial $100.00 minimum balance. 

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